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Did you know?
  • Vinyl easily replicates other floor types.
  • Vinyl is great in moist areas.
  • Vinyl is east to clean
  • Vinyl was invented in 1926.
  • Vinyl is recyclable
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If the thought of vinyl flooring brings to mind hospitals, grocery stores and school hallways, it may surprise you to know vinyl floor sales are second only to carpet sales in the United States. That's because vinyl flooring is inexpensive, durable and comes in an array of designs that can improve the look of just about any room of your home. Need more vinyl floor information, explore this section and discover the ways that vinyl flooring can enhance your home or business. Vinyl flooring is not just confined to sheets and tiles, you can now get vinyl flooring planks that mock hardwood and bamboo floors. For more hardwood vinyl plank flooring information, including how you could install this type of floor as a do it yourself floor project, read our blogs and articles section.

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What is vinyl?

Vinyl is made from a special type of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is used to create a variety of items including home siding, toys, clothing and handbags. This versatility in production extends to vinyl flooring, which is available in a number of colors and patterns and can be crafted to resemble more expensive floors such as hardwood, tile or stone. Vinyl, cork and linoleum flooring are known as a resilient floors because of their ability to "bounce back" or "give" upon impact. This quality makes these types of floors more comfortable to walk and stand on for longer periods of time.

There's more to selecting your vinyl flooring than determining how you want the floor to look. The type of vinyl flooring you choose (sheet, tile or plank) can determine both the ease and the method of installation. The way the flooring is constructed (inlaid or rotogravure) affects how durable the floor will be, while the top layer (vinyl no-wax, urethane or enhanced urethane) plays a role in how simple your vinyl floor will be to maintain and how long it will last.

Let explain all of your vinyl flooring options. Feel free to browse the abundance of vinyl flooring information available on our site by using the tabs at the top and to the left of the page. From pictures of vinyl floors to definitions of flooring terms and tips on installation and upkeep, we're confident has everything you need to take your new flooring dreams out of your head and into your home.

Vinyl Flooring Resources

Wondering if vinyl floors are right for you and if it will meet your needs? To determine the suitability of this flooring product refer to the other vinyl sections of® to learn about the history of this resilient floor option; how vinyl flooring is made; and whether you should hire an installation professional or do-it-yourself.

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  • Types – Vinyl tile or vinyl sheet flooring? Discover which one is best for your project.
  • Care – Learn how easy it is to care for and maintain vinyl flooring
  • Buying Guides – Get ready to shop for your vinyl floor with our buying guide.
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