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Did you know?
  • Porcelain tile is resistant to electricity.
  • Terra Cotta means cooked earth.
  • Tile is very low maintenance.
  • Tile was invented in 5,000 B.C.
  • Going green? Ask about Saltillo.
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Tile flooring has been around since medieval times and remains very much in style. Floor shoppers have discovered that tile flooring can meet a wide range of their needs. Tile flooring comes in an array of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes from the ordinary to the ornate, making it a designer's dream. Do you want flooring that will stand up to wear and tear and look good for years to come? With proper care and maintenance, tile flooring can last a lifetime. Need a buying guide to help you shop for flooring, or an installation guide to assist with a do-it-yourself project? Then you have come to the right flooring information website.

What is Tile?

Tile Floor Types - Ceramic, Porcelain and

Tile, according to, is "a thin slab or bent piece of baked clay, sometimes painted or glazed, used for various purposes." At that "purpose" is flooring, and our site is full of information on more than a dozen types of tile floors.

From the tried and true Ceramic and Porcelain tiles to a tile from south of the border called Saltillo, you'll discover details about the various types of tile flooring in the following sections. Looking for floors to match your clay garden pots? Terra Cotta tile is just what you are looking for. With all the different shapes, sizes and colors of tile you can choose from, your floor choice is only as limited as your imagination.

Are you reeling from the sheer number of tile flooring choices? Let help. We believe knowing all of your options is the only way you can make the best flooring decision. That's why our website includes tile buying and installation guides, a list of frequently asked flooring questions, checklists and other information to assist you with your flooring project. These and other helpful items can be accessed by using the tabs at the top and along the left side of the page. strives to be the one website you come to when you need information on flooring.

Need a floor professional to guide you through the flooring information? Use our chat live feature at the top of each page.

Tile Flooring Resources

Wondering if tile flooring is right for your home and lifestyle? To determine the suitability of this floor product refer to the other tile sections of® to learn about the history of tile flooring; how floor tiles are made; and whether you should hire an installation professional or do-it-yourself.

Tile Flooring Information | Help
  • Types – There's more to tile flooring than the ceramic variety! Explore your choices here.
  • Care – Keep your tile floors in top shape with these basic maintenance tips.
  • Buyer's Guides – Everything you need to know before you buy.
  • Flooring Estimator Tools – Calculate the amount of flooring needed for your project.
  • Installation Guide – Professional instruction on installing your own tile floor.
  • FAQs – Find answers to frequently asked tile flooring questions.
  • Glossary – Consult our glossary for common floor definitions.