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Area Rug Floor Coverings

An area rug being rolled out on a hardwood

It's more than just a rug. Area rugs can be used for decoration, to add warmth and softness to a floor, to protect a floor covering, or even to cover a flaw in the floor such as stained carpet or scuffed hardwood. Area rugs are also a great way to reduce echoes and other unwanted noises in a room.

Beware though as some rug sellers have been known to pass off inexpensive rugs as more sought after rugs such as hand–knotted wool or silk rugs. Throughout this area rug guide, you will find valuable information that will help you avoid scams and select the area rug that is perfect for your needs.

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Area Rug Selection

An area rug in a living room

Because area rugs are an excellent way to personalize your floor or add a little flair to your space, there are unlimited options when it comes to style. From oriental designs to floral motifs to geometric art deco rugs, you can find almost any design or pattern that you are seeking. For help choosing the style of area rug that is right for you, check out FindAnyFloor's Buying Area Rugs section. Also, for ideas on how to layout your furniture with an area rug, check out our Area Rug Layout Ideas.

Learn More about How Area Rugs are Made

A loom for hand-making rugs

When shopping for area rugs, there are machine–made rugs and also several different types of handmade rugs to choose from. The construction of an area rug plays a large role in its durability and also its price. As an example, hand knotted rugs may last over 100 years but take a long time to make and their price will reflect this.

There are also different types of fibers that can be used to make area rugs. Popular choices include natural wool and silk or synthetic nylon, and polypropylene. You can even find more unique natural fibers such as sea grass, jute, sisal, and bamboo.

Between the various types of construction methods used to make area rugs and the different fibers and fiber dyes used, there is truly an area rug to fit anyone's rug needs. To learn the ins and outs of how an area rug is made in order to determine what will best suit your needs, visit FindAnyFloor's sections on Area Rug Construction and Area Rug Fibers and Fiber Dyes.

Learn more about How to Care for Area Rugs

Caring for your area rug properly will add years, possibly even decades to its lifetime. Even those rugs that are battered, faded, and torn may be able to be restored. To learn tips on how to clean, store, and repair your area rug, visit our section on Area Rug Care and Maintenance.

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