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Cork Flooring Checklist

Cork is unique in the fact it can me used as a sound underlayment for other flooring material and used as the floor itself. So what are the pros and cons of cork flooring? When shopping for cork flooring, try using our Cork Buying Checklist to ensure you get all the facts before purchasing. For your convenience, we offer a print friendly version of the Cork Buying Checklist so you can take it with you when shopping.

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Buying Cork Flooring? Know Before You Go!

Download Checklist PDF
PDF icon for PDF fileBuying Cork Checklist - 166kb pdf | Download our buying checklist, so you know what questions to ask at your local floor store.
image of checkbox for checklist Questions to Ask What Do I Want to Know? / Key Points About Buying Cork
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checkbox for checklist What are the pros/cons of cork floors vs. other flooring? Knowing the pros and cons of cork flooring can help you make a more informed decision.
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checkbox for checklist What different types of cork do you carry and how do they differ? You should be shown the following to get an idea of the brands or types you like:
  • Compositions (solid cork flooring, laminate cork flooring, mosaic)
  • Colors
  • Brands
  • Sizes
  • Textures
  • Price Ranges
  • Installation Methods
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checkbox for checklist What would you personally recommend for my situation? Consider:
  • The look you are trying to achieve
  • Home décor and furnishings
  • Climate extremes and traffic level
  • Any pets, kids or disabilities you have
  • The type of room (including stairs)
  • Type of subfloor (wood, concrete)
  • Need for sound insulation
  • Lighting
Once You Have an Idea of What Product You are Leaning Toward...
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checkbox for checklist It is made with a low VOC adhesive? Look for adhesives that have a low VOC rating posted on the label. There are no significant odors, but like other products your home should be ventilated after installation.
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checkbox for checklist What is the average life expectancy? This ranges from decades to a lifetime with proper care.
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checkbox for checklist What finishing products are used? Many come with a special vinyl finish that helps to protect the cork and make cleaning easier. The newest development is a non toxic oil finish.
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checkbox for checklist Is this preferred for a DIY installation? Ask for DIY instructions. These can also be found in our installation instructions.
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checkbox for checklist What does the Manufacturer's Warranty cover and how long does it last? Look for a warranty accompanied by a large US company backing the product. If you find a cheap warranty from a private labeled product without a big US presence, be cautious. Read the fine print!
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checkbox for checklist What can you tell me about the manufacturer and your experience with their products? How long and how much have you sold?
Customer Testimonials?
Large or small/private label?
# of years in business?
Do they provide support?
Other factors to consider
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checkbox for checklist Is the product in stock or does it have to be ordered? Is there a minimum order? Rare cork products may take longer to ship. Ask your salesperson to check stock with the distributor. Normally you can order 1 box at a time.
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checkbox for checklist What is your return policy? Find out penalties, fees and stipulations for returning. Can you return extra cork flooring?
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checkbox for checklist What is the lead time before I can have this completely installed? Consider factors such as ordering the product, waiting for arrival, acclimatization and installation.
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checkbox for checklist What other accessories or products might I need and do you carry them? Examples: Moisture barrier or underlayment, adhesives, trims and moldings, tools for installation, rugs or mats
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checkbox for checklist Can you provide care instructions? Follow all the manufacturer's instructions to ensure your warranty is not voided.
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checkbox for checklist Do you sell cleaning kits and repair kits? Look for products recommended by the manufacturer.
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checkbox for checklist May I see a sample of the actual flooring? If it is in stock, ask to remove a piece from actual box to inspect it (not all retailers will allow this). If undecided, ask to take a floor sample home. Evaluate how it looks with the other colors and the lighting in the room?
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checkbox for checklist What financing options are available? Consider financing if you decide on a product that is more than your budget.
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checkbox for checklist Do you deliver? If so, curbside or stacked in the installation area?
Is there a fee?
How many days do I have to schedule in advance?
Do I need to move furniture?
Are there any other preparations that I need to take?
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checkbox for checklist Do you offer installation? If not, do you have a list of licensed installers &/or contractors you recommend? If not, use's directory search tool; "Find it Locally", to find a local flooring professional, installer (contractor), or cleaner.

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