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Linoleum Flooring Buying Guide

Linoleum has been around for nearly 150 years, and was a very fashionable flooring choice up until the 1950s. Today, linoleum is enjoying a return to popularity. Made entirely of natural materials, linoleum is commended for its durability and eco–friendliness.

The flooring buying guides we've created at have been done so in collaboration with our flooring professionals, who include certified installers and retail flooring sales managers from across the country. We've also created helpful checklists and worksheets to assist you in the linoleum buying process. After all, at, "we've got flooring covered."

NOTE: Using This Buying Guide
To navigate through the Buying Guide, click "next" at the bottom of each page or use the tabs at the top of the section. For your convenience, you also have the option to print the complete Linoleum Buying Guide as well as our helpful checklists and worksheets.

Topics in this Guide

Linoleum Flooring Basics

We'll start with the basics of linoleum and how it fits into your environment and lifestyle. Our guide covers everything from pets, special mobility needs, to basic care and cleaning. After learning these linoleum floor basics, you'll be able to better determine what type of linoleum is right for your home.

  • About Linoleum
  • Your Environment
  • Room–by–Room Practicality
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Basic Care

Questions to Ask

Plan and organize your flooring project using our helpful list of questions. Our printable worksheet can assist you when meeting with a flooring sales or installation professional.

Types of Linoleum

This section highlights the various types of linoleum and the three different linoleum installation methods.


Choosing the type of linoleum is just the first step. Linoleum floor accessories can protect, enhance and extend the life of your new flooring. In this section we discuss the importance of:

  • Trims and Moldings: Want to bridge the gap between two floors of differing heights or transition from linoleum to carpet? This section covers all the basics of these essential linoleum accessories.
  • Adhesives: Some linoleum floor types require adhesive to attach the new floor to the sub–floor (floor beneath finished floor). Learn about different adhesives you may need to complete your linoleum flooring project successfully.
  • Sealers/Caulk: Sealing your linoleum floor can protect and extend its lifespan.
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Installation Questions

Are you planning to hire a professional flooring installer, or get down on your hands and knees and "do–it–yourself" (DIY)? This section provides tips for either scenario, enabling you to make the choice that is best for your flooring project.

  • Professional Installer vs. "Do–It–Yourself"
  • Helpful Tips
  • Installation Questions

Where to Buy

Linoleum is available at many local flooring retail establishments and online outlets. We cover the important differences of buying from your local retail store vs. an online retailer. After all, the best decisions are well–informed ones, and we strive to help you make the best possible decision for your flooring project.


The price of linoleum is affected by both its construction and its durability. We'll show you how to distinguish the difference between pricier linoleum and more economical designs.


In this section, you'll be able to review and print a convenient checklist to ensure all the details are covered when buying your linoleum flooring.

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