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Cork Flooring Buying Guide

At we want your cork floor buying experience to be a positive one. That's why we've consulted with certified installers and retail flooring sales managers from around the globe to create an in–depth cork flooring buying guide. Use our Cork Flooring Buying Guide to help ensure your floor buying experience is smooth sailing from beginning to end.

This guide will explain cork flooring terms and types, as well as educate you on the environmental benefits of cork flooring. As you're reading through the Cork Flooring Buying Guide, you'll find convenient checklists and worksheets; use them to gather information specific to your cork flooring project.

Ready to buy cork flooring but need help beyond our floor buyer's guide; consult one of our flooring professionals. It's fast and the best part, it's free. Just select the FREE HELP box to the right or the Chat Live at the top of this cork floor buyer's guide page. In seconds you will be connected to one of our cork flooring professionals that is ready to assist you with all your floor needs. If you need help finding a place to buy cork flooring, a review on a cork floor, advice about flooring accessories such as trims and molding, then you have come to the right place. This cork flooring buyer'g guide will answer most of your questions, and for the rest our professionals are here to help.

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NOTE: Using This Buying Guide
To navigate through the Buying Guide, click "next" at the bottom of each page or use the tabs at the top of the section. For your convenience, you also have the option to print the complete Cork Buying Guide including our helpful checklists and worksheets.

Topics in this Guide

Cork Flooring Basics

Gather valuable information on how your environment, room usage and lifestyle can affect the performance of cork flooring. Included are basic tips on how to keep your cork floor looking new.

  • About Cork
  • Your Environment
  • Room–by–Room Practicality
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Basic Care

Questions to Ask

You're sure to have a lot of important questions as you plan your cork flooring project, and we want to make sure you have all of the bases covered. We've created a printable worksheet with questions you can ask a cork flooring sales or installation professional.

Types of Cork

From planks to tiles, burled or stained, we've listed all the choices you have for cork flooring in your home including cork color, texture, and composition.


Accessories are an important part of your cork flooring project. This section assists you in making the best choices for your home.

  • Trims"Moldings: Want to add baseboard to your flooring project, or add cork flooring to a set of stairs? This section will give you a basic list of flooring trims and moldings to consider for your project.
  • Moisture Barrier Underlayment: To protect from sub–floor moisture, learn about the various choices of underlayments to install under your cork flooring.
  • Adhesive: If you are installing cork tiles instead of floating cork floors, chances are you will need special flooring adhesive. This section will walk you through the best options for your project.

Installation Questions

Whether you plan to hire an experienced cork flooring installer or try the "Do–It–Yourself" (DIY) route, this section will help prepare you for the installation process.

  • Professional Installer vs. "Do–It–Yourself"
  • Helpful Tips
  • Installation Questions

Where to Buy

Do you plan to buy your new cork flooring at your local flooring retail store or online? Consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of both options in this section.


Learn about all the factors that affect the pricing of cork from the construction of cork flooring, to the type of finish selected.


This section includes a convenient printable checklist to make sure you take care of all the necessary details when buying your cork.

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