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Concrete Flooring Buying Guide

When most people think of concrete, they usually think of things like roads, sidewalks and football stadiums. Concrete actually makes beautiful flooring in many homes and offers a wide variety of patterns and colors. At, we've developed flooring buying guides to assist you when buying concrete flooring. Our flooring professionals, who include certified installers and retail flooring sales managers from across the country, have contributed to these guides to help ensure that your flooring experience, from selecting and purchasing, to installation and maintenance – is a seamless one.

This guide contains all the concrete types, terms and things to consider when choosing the right floor for your living environment. Convenient checklists and worksheets are also provided as guidance while you read through our Concrete Buying Guide and gather information specific to your flooring project.

NOTE: Using This Buying Guide
To navigate through the Buying Guide, click "next" at the bottom of each page or use the tabs at the top of the section. For your convenience, you also have the option to print the complete Concrete Buying Guide as well as our helpful checklists and worksheets.

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Topics in this Guide

Concrete Flooring Basics

As you begin planning your concrete flooring project, we want to make you aware of the things to take into consideration while you're planning a concrete installation in your home.

  • About Concrete
  • Your Environment
  • Room–by–Room Practicality
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Basic Care

Questions to Ask

In this section you'll find a helpful list of questions to use for organizing and planning your flooring project. We've compiled a printable worksheet that can assist you when meeting with a flooring sales or installation professional.

Types of Concrete

Whether you're interested in a polished, stained, painted or dyed concrete floor; this section covers all the details of concrete and the choices you have in finishes.


Concrete flooring includes more than the concrete itself, consider radiant heat and sealers for your project.

  • Sealer: Learn about the best sealers to protect the color of your concrete finish for years to come.
  • Radiant Heat: Learn about this efficient heating system available for concrete flooring.

Installation Questions

Concrete requires a lot of skill and knowledge to install. Because of the materials and professional tools needed, concrete flooring installation is not recommended as a "do it yourself" (DIY) project. We can help you find a licensed professional in your area and provide you with questions to be sure to ask before awarding the job.

  • Professional Installer, how do I find one?
  • Helpful Tips
  • Installation Questions

Where to Buy

Most homeowners will already have the concrete floor in their home; they just need to have it character added to it such as stain or polished. The products that are used to enhance the look of concrete are normally part of the professional installation and therefore buying concrete flooring types is as easy as consulting a professional concrete flooring installer. In most cases they will supply everything you need to complete the project.


Learn about all the components that affect concrete's pricing. From the price of materials in the concrete mixture to the type of finish you select; all contribute to the final price you pay for your new concrete floor.

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