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bamboo flooring buying guide

Shopping for bamboo floors can be a fun and exciting experience. Don't let the various bamboo types, finish options and accessories overwhelm you. has developed a flooring buyer's guide to help you learn everything you need to know about bamboo flooring so your selection process will be stress free.

The best type of bamboo flooring for your home could be one you never knew existed. Our comprehensive Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide will help familiarize you with bamboo flooring terms, types, and the environmental factors that affect the finished product.

Learn valuable tips on everything from selecting and purchasing bamboo materials to the installation and maintenance of bamboo flooring. We've also included convenient buying checklists and worksheets that you can use to gather important information needed for your project. With this buying guide, shopping for bamboo flooring has never been easier. If you still have questions after reading the bamboo buyer's guide, contact our bamboo floor professionals by clicking on the FREE HELP at the right or choosing the Chat Live icon at the top of the page. Our  floor pro's can answer your bamboo flooring questions regarding buying, installing and caring for your new floors.

NOTE: Use This Buying Guide
At the bottom of each page is a "next" button which directs you through the Buying Guide. For more specific navigation, use the tabs located at the top of the page. Our Bamboo Buying Guide, complete with worksheets and checklists, is available in print–friendly format for your shopping convenience. Find the best type of bamboo flooring for your living space in no time at all with this handy guide!

Topics in this Bamboo Buyer's Guide

Bamboo Flooring Basics

Things to consider when starting a bamboo flooring project:

Questions to Ask

Knowing what questions to ask before shopping for bamboo flooring can help you select the flooring that best meets your needs. We've compiled a list of questions, in print–friendly format, to assist you when meeting with a flooring sales or installation professional.

Types of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring comes in three main types: solid, engineered, and strand–woven. Learn the differences between each type and discover which one is best for your flooring project.


The following items can enhance and extend the life of your bamboo flooring.

  • Trims and Moldings: The right accessories can help conceal expansion gaps between the floor and wall. Trims and moldings also help integrate bamboo flooring with carpet and other flooring surfaces.
  • Underlayment: Minimize sound and moisture transmission and protect your bamboo floors by installing an underlayment.
  • Adhesives & Fasteners: Depending on the type of bamboo flooring you select, nails, glues, adhesives, or staples may be needed for the installation of your flooring project.
  • Cleaning Kits: Learn which cleaners are best for bamboo flooring and which cleaners can actually harm your floor.

Installation Questions

This section is divided in two sections for: (1) floor buyers who are hiring a professional and (2) those who want to do the installation themselves.

  • Professional Installer vs. "Do–It–Yourself"
  • Helpful Tips
  • Installation Questions

Where to Buy

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing bamboo flooring locally or from an online retailer.


Learn how you may be able to trim costs on your bamboo flooring purchase.

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